Shop Style & Soul


ASOS Winter Dresses 

In the mood for a little fashion…

All of these dresses are tznius and reasonably priced!

 (needs a shirt underneath!)


Vintage Glamour 

Anyone in the mood for a little vintage inspiration? Make these vintage looks a part of your closet in 2014!

Vintage Look #1

vintage glam 2

Get the look:

polkadot  BlueFly

whiteskirt  Neiman Marcus

Vintage Look #2


Get the look:

hmvintage  H and M

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Headcoverings by Devorah

Vintage Look #3


Get the look:

hmwhitefur  H and M

whitegloves  Burberry

Vintage Look #4


Get the look:

neiman  Neiman Marcus

hat Neiman Marcus

yvesbag  Luisaviaroma-Yves Saint Laurent

Have a glamorous day!


Showering Sparkles 

Add some sparkle to your life with these sequin skirts and dresses. Who said dressing tznius can’t be sparkly?

hmsequin  H & M

asossequindress  ASOS

nordstromsequin  Nordstrom

Can’t wait to see your sparkling souls!


Warm Up Your Heart

With these sweater and skirt combinations!

fullskirtanthro Anthropologie

anthroorange  Anthropologie


asos skirt  Asos

anthro stripe skirt  Anthropologie

Don’t forget to send in a picture if you buy one of these skirts or sweaters!!

Totally Tulle

Anyone in the mood for a little Carrie Bradshaw? Tulle it up with these amazing TZNIUS tulle skirts!

asostulleskirt ASOS

asostullefloral ASOS

tullebel Bel & Beau

Have a totally tulle day!


Fashionably Fall into Fall

Do you love that warm fall feeling? Want a skirt to go with it?? H & M has a new sequin tznius skirt!! (click skirt to link)

handmsequinskirt 10/27/14

Styling Tips for skirt:

Pair with this H and M ruffled top (tucked in) and this adorable bolero jacket:

handmfallshirthandmfallcropped   10/27/14

Don’t forget the heels! Happy Fall!

If you buy the outfit, send in pics of you wearing it!!

I’ll be posting up to date items to purchase and styling tips!!



Shop Style!!!


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