I Spy Tznius

The Long Black Skirt

I’ve been obsessed with long black skirts recently. They just make all my outfits look trendy and stylized, while at the same time being the easiest, most comfortable thing to wear! I throw on an oversized top or fur vest, and suddenly I’m channeling Rachel Zoe, Boho, and Super Tznius all at once.

Here’s how the celebrities wear long black skirts:

longblack1   longblack3


Here’s how the rest of us wear long black skirts:




Here’s how I wear the long black skirt:


How do you wear the long black skirt?

Tznius and Spice and Everything nice

If a former Spice Girl can be tznius, than anyone can! Victoria Beckham knows how to spice up a plain black sweater or white collared shirt and make it fashionably irresistible.

victb2    victb4


And of course…she always looks fierce.



Olivia Palermo –Tznius Style Icon?

Olivia Palermo became known for her style in The City, an MTV series about fashion.

Today, there are tons of photos of Olivia on the street, at events, at fashion shows, rocking her chic style. And guess what? More times than I can count she’s dressing tznius! Here are only a few of her many tznius looks:

oliviap1 oliviap2 oliviap3 oliviap4 oliviap5


How Rachel Zoe Does Tznius

Did you know Rachel Zoe is Jewish? I just found out too!

Here are a few of her modest yet fashionable looks…

rachelzoe1 rachelzoe2 rachelzoe3 rachelzoe4 rachelzoe5rachelzoe6

Style on!


I Spy Tznius

Tznius (modest) inspiration can come from lots of places. This page gathers up some of those fabulous fashion moments.


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