About Me

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley Cohen and I’m a mental health counselor, marriage coach-in-training, observant Jew, mother, and wife living in NY.

My own story begins after graduating from Indiana University in 2011. From there, I went to Israel to study the secrets hidden in the Torah (the instruction manual of Jewish life), before returning to New York, where I met and married my husband. My adventure in Israel changed my life. During that time, I, a typical Long Island sorority girl,  chose to take on the lifestyle of an Observant Jew. I handed in my jeans, my tank tops, and my Chipotle burritos to follow the beautiful life of a spiritual Jew.

From there I went on to obtain two masters degrees in counseling, while also adding a few cute little people to my story (so far one girl and one boy, bH). Today, I try to find a way to bring my personal discovery: the beauty that lies within Judaism (and its ability to transform us), to others. I’ve always been fascinated by self-growth and writing has been my outlet for as long as I can remember. Here Judaism, personal growth, writing, and beauty, meet.

I write this blog to enlighten girls on what I wish I knew before and what I’m lucky enough to know now (while continuing to learn more). I hope, with G-d’s help, to inspire others to find the beauty that rests inside their souls and to recognize the unique potential that each of us possess.


My writings and videos have been on Aish.com, FYI magazine, and Shabbat.com. I’ve also spoken for the Aish Partners Conference and on various Jewish programs.


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