About Me


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley Cohen and I’m a fashion major turned seminary girl turned blogger, teacher and counseling student, living in New York. I began blogging over a year ago in order to share messages of femininity, inner beauty, and self-love.

My story begins after graduating from Indiana University in 2011. From there, I went to Israel to study the secrets hidden in the Torah (the instruction manual of Jewish life), before returning to New York, where I met and married my husband. My adventure in Israel changed my life. During that time, I, a typical Long Island sorority girl,  chose to take on the lifestyle of an Observant Jew. I handed in my jeans, my tank tops, and my Chipotle burritos to follow the beautiful life of a spiritual Jew.

Today, I try to find a way to bring my love of Jewish life to my other passions: fashion, writing, home design, event planning, school counseling and family.

I write this blog to enlighten girls on what I wish I knew before and what I’m lucky enough to know now. I hope, with G-d’s help, to inspire others to find the beauty that rests inside their souls and to recognize the unique potential that each of us possess.

I love hearing from you! If you’d like to get in touch with me, email me at ashleyrachelcohen@gmail.com.


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